Titanium is my favorite element

November 02, 2020

Titanium is my favorite element

Titanium is one of the most widely used metals in the industry. Still, it is not very popular among everyday objects such as jewelry or watches, where steel and precious metals prevail. However, titanium is used to make pens, wallets, keyrings, or capsules, and production is rising widespread due to its biocompatibility with our body.

There is a growing trend towards using element number 22 in everyday carry objects. Titanium has specific mechanical properties that make many people sigh for having things made of it. These are three reasons to fall in love with this material: 
1. Titanium is beautiful, simply gorgeous.
2. Titanium is much lighter than steel but as strong or more than steel. That's exciting!
3. Titanium is non-magnetic.

On the other hand, titanium does not have many ballots to be as popular as silver, copper, or gold for different reasons that I explain below:

Titanium is a metal that was discovered a short time ago; it is not well known.

Titanium extraction is a costly process, although there are large reserves of this element throughout the world.

Titanium machining requires more expensive and heavy specific machinery.

It is not a malleable material and melts at much higher temperatures than other precious metals.

The use of titanium in jewelry or EDC items is far from being as popular as silver or gold, but I am in love with this metal, and I decided to accept the challenge to make things out of it. It is not easy to work with titanium, it is not a cheap material, but it is beautiful, durable, and aesthetically much more attractive than other materials. 

That's my opinion. Which is your favorite element? Let me know in the comment section below.

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