NARA minimalist titanium capsule


The NARA capsule is the first product we created and was introduced in January 2019 on kickstarter. It is made from grade 5 titanium, a metal that is known for its mechanical properties, durability and strength. It's watertight. It has a timeless, elegant and minimalistic design. The seamless joint makes it look like a solid object.
Although NARA was designed to be a small storage solution, you may not find things to store in them. It always happens. We own thing s, not only because they are useful, but because they look and feel great. But here are some ideas that you'll find NARA works well: meds, jewelry, loved one's ashes after cremation, precious stones, money, microSD and SIM cards, small sewing kit, essential oils, perfume, small repair kit for glasses, earplugs.
If you want to attach your NARA to other things, maybe the iNA capsule is the one that you are looking for.

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