Buy 2 containers or more and get 10% Discount

Buy 2 containers or more and get 10% Discount

Hello titanium lovers

Hello titanium lovers!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our minimalist, titanium containers. 

Looking at them from every angle you'll appreciate how clean the design is, so smooth, so minimal, so pure, so simple. It can't get any more essential than this, reaching the ultimate perfection where less is more.

A timeless design that gives a new meaning to your EDC essentials. 

Titanium feels so great in the hand, it can not be explained, it can only be experienced! It feels like you are holding a piece of nature, so relaxing and therapeutic.

You will definitely realize you have the quality container that your crucial small items deserve.

After a successful first campaign on kickstarter, we launched iNA in a second campaign that recently ended.  

We would like to show you more about out little jewels, enjoy your visit.