Buy 2 containers or more and get 10% Discount

Buy 2 containers or more and get 10% Discount

Titanium Capsules

The design of our containers is minimalistic, following clean lines to obtain a very simple and elegant EDC gadget.

The craftsmanship on these titanium accessories is the best you will notice in your hands.

If you already own a full titanium tool, pen, flashlight, wallet or jewel, you will notice it is a very strong metal and very difficult to finish because of it’s hardness.



If you love titanium gear, here you will find a model that fits your needs and we hope it will become your new addition to your collection.

We introduced iNA a few months back. It has many interactions and we tried to improve the NARA capsule concept by adding a micro cord loop you can attach anywhere.

This titanium gadget will accompany you everywhere and you can keep track of it at all times, whether you are traveling, going outdoors or simply because you love minimalist design.

iNA is a stylish titanium piece that will match every outfit and every occasion.  

Organize your small EDC in a titanium capsule like iNA or the NARA model that have been sold in 40 countries during last year. All improvements, tips and comments coming from the community around these containers were listened to and we try our best to improve what you need and ask for. We have launched two kickstarter projects and this year 2020 will be another great crowdfunding year. You can see read some reviews about the iNA containers following this link

Before iNA we launched two other designs, NARA & YOKO. You may have seen and owned many containers before, but those ones are unlike any others. NARA and YOKO are precisely machined from solid grade 5 Titanium, offering two very singular designs. All capsules have  a seamless joint that was inspiring for us to make even tighter unions. Minimalistic and simply beautiful. Take a look at our first campaign at Kickstarter.

  Get the NARA 50 here.


All titanium capsules are machined in a CNC Nakamura Tome lathe with the best cutting tools provided by Iscar to create the best finishes on all creations. You may ask yourself why we dedicate an industrial machine shop to produce Every Day Carry products. It is a good question, but the answer is simple: we hope one day, our products may be part of your EDC collection because they are made with the highest level of attention to detail a person can manage. 

Make a grand entrance, start a conversation about the coolest metal on earth: titanium. Get your capsules today and enjoy soon the perfection in your hands collecting our titanium gadgets only because you have a taste for refined and eye catching elements... 

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Isami & Dara